Wednesday, November 14, 2012

End of the year

Yep its end of the year time with school. Which means this nerd has 3 weeks of classes... 6 MAJOR projects due, and 4 finals to study for. Inbetween all of that I also have the holidays, internship at Hope Faith to counsel homeless women, and being a nanny to a fantastic little girl. As if that wasn't enough I am also heading to INDIA in 73 days. So I have to fundraise, do speaking engagements for money, make sure I have my flight, visa, shots and well anything else I need for the trip.

So yeah might not be on this sight much! So sorry!

If you are curious about India trip you can find out more here
If you would like to help me out with the trip you can donate here

If you would just like to know where I will share my India trip you can go here

I think that is all so good day for a while I will post as I nerd out inbetween trying not to explode from everything on my plate ;)

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