Monday, November 12, 2012

Vork The Guild review

So this one is about Vork AKA Herman and how he becomes who he is in the series. This actually focuses on Vork and his grandpa's relationship. I didn't realize how bad a person Vork's grandpa is and how uncomfortable I would be if I were Vork. Then again I wouldn't sleep in the same bed with my grandfather if I was his age so maybe that was the first mistake. It does help to explain why Vork is so controlling in the game and life. I mean he can't control his grandfather so he makes up for it in the game

NERD MOMENT: Yes I totally went counselor on a comic book I do the same damn thing with TV shows and movies so you know sue me... whatever... nerd moment over

Add to it that I get when you reach a certain age (94 in this instance) that you just want to live but seriously get over it grandpa. So far funny part is Vork making his own Guild that look like the characters dressed as Vork LOL very cute. Oh my gosh grandpa doesn't like Vork cutting out his fun so he checks himself into a nursing home seriously might be the best thing for Vork. Except that grandpa comes back under a compromise which leds Vork to learn how to compromise with the guild. Kind of a cute if not dirty read LOL

Favorite line: Ears turn off when you nag (AHAHAHA so true)

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