Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trailer Park Heroes Pt. 2

And we start off with the wonderful Adam Baldwin tell us "kids time to saddle up"

NERD MOMENT: This so reminds me of Jayne and Firefly. And while I know a lot of people out there prefer Agent Casey I have to say Adam will forever and always be Jayne. Jayne with all his bad ass and kick assery to boot... nerd moment over... well not quite yet

Okay now Nerd Moment is over...

And I love that Jayne AKA Adam AKA Casey has a trailer and in that trailer that he lives has a coffee table that is full of weapons and a cabinet full of weapons. This is more reminder of Chuck then Firefly b/c Vera isn't here. And now he is in full fatigues while everyone else just has a gun. Nice. The whole trailer park is being over ran with nerd zombies (which FYI never gets old typing or saying...)

The people in the trailer park however, don't look nearly as amused as I am b/c they are getting eaten or thrown over bushes?!?! but, ya know get your kicks while you can and whatnot.

So Zac ask "Okay what's the play here"
Adam answers, "Kill"
Zac responds with "is there another play?"
To which Adam responds with "live" and gives that you idiot look that he gives so well.

Nerdy goodness guy gives a better plan about conserving bullets and whatnot and the shooting begins! OH my there is a Nerd Zombie dressed as Chuck that Zach kills irony I think not she is after all a cruel, cruel mistress. Nerdy Goodness takes a phone call in the middle of the shooting and that reminds me of a friend of mine who would do the same.

Zac says "dude this is no time for an Elvin booty call" LOL
Before nerdy goodness can answer he kills a zombie and puts his phone away LOL Aw crap there's a zombie dressed as iron man WTF seriously how's Adam going to kill him? Never mind nerdy goodness guy reminds Adam that "for some of these nerds these aren't just costumes" and Adam goes "well these aren't toys" and shoots Iron Man in the head. Problem solved.

Zombie flash nerd comes out of no where and almost gets Zac but instead gets an arrow to the neck from Carla who I have no idea is but, she was handy. Apparently they are to have a date on Saturday. But, not after the Storm trooper gets her... so I guess he's free for Saturday now...
which Zac clarifies with "Oh I guess not" LOL very nice

More chaos and random killings by nerd zombies (yep still not getting old) We get an ammunition check and nerdy goodness says "Buddy I don't know if we are all going to make it out of here alive to Zac." To which Zac goes all Chuck and says "I don't know if any of us is going to make it out of here alive." COME ON CHUCK (or Dean or Zach or whatever you are called in this) have faith!!! And we're done!

Alright here's your chance to watch it...
NERD THOUGHTS: Just as good as the first, more gore and blood then the first, we get a chance to see the characters more which is strange since this one is shorter than the first. Still good stuff right here and something I highly recommend everyone see!

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