Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trailer Park Heroes pt. 1 Review

So when one wants to Nerd out one really only has to go to The Nerd Machine it has and is becoming a Mecca for Nerds. One thing I like about it are the original clothing (see up coming post) and original short vids like Trailer Park Heroes. Hands down one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Basically Zachary Levi describes it as this (and keep in mind I am paraphrasing)
What if the zombies invaded comic con. Would we be able to tell? Then what if the only people who could fight them were in a trailer park somewhere outside San Diego... That equaled: Trailer Park Heroes.

So I decided to watch... and OMFG ep 1 was soo funny I had to pause to laugh, re pause to laugh again then I had to post to facebook and now twitter. SO here's my review of Trailer Park Heroes pt. 1

Of course it starts with somewhere outside San Diego at Last Resort Trailer Park. I love that the trailer park has a security bar to get in and out of it LOL. We see a guy drinking beer sitting outside, someone water plants, a cute girl fixing a car, and a lonely nerd in his room looking at all his Nerdy goodness stuff. Most of his nerdy goodness is Star Wars

The cute girl calls out to Melhouse (nerdy goodness guy) who is now wearing an apron and says how sorry she is that he can't go to comic con b/c she knows its the only thing he was looking forward to.

NERD MOMENT: Seriously this is on my bucket list and I want to live close enough that I could just drive there or catch a bus how freaking cool would that be. And yes for future reference I too would be living in a trailer park b/c I can't afford the prices in Kansas let alone Cali... nerd depressing moment over.

Cute girl is Beth. Nerdy goodness guy gets defensive and says that he has TONS of things to look forward to like putting up Christmas lights in July LOL (seriously a scene I think I just had with my mom a few months ago)

OMG it's Adam Baldwin!!!!! LOVE HIM! Love that he's in this! Oh God a truck barrels through the "Security" gate with a dead Wolverine on the hood and HOLY CRAP it's Zachary Levi what?!?!? wait he hit wolverine? And is screaming that something has happened...

AMERICAN PIE GUY wow I'm impressed with the cast so far and all peps I wouldn't mind having in my trailer park.

Favorite line so far: And who the hell did your truck just spit up said by Adam whom I love

So American Pie Guy says this is messed up and Adam ask is he really hurt and American Pie guy goes no he's too tall to be wolverine which the nerdy goodness guy says Thank you!

NERD MOMENT: LOL this is what me and my friends do on a Saturday night debate the tallness of wolverine ahahahaha oh and we plan what to do in situations like this when the zombies rise up. nerd moment over.

Turns out wolverine guys is zombie and eats American pie guys face before *cute trumpet music of dun dun dun da* Zachary smashes that mother's face in like no other with a shovel then beheads him which is standard zombie protocol.

Next favorite quote: nerdy goodness guy says uh Dean (AKA Zachary Levi AKA Chuck) we might need and Adam fills in the rest with a few f*cking details.

Apparently Zac was having a beer and from some of the interviews I've heard recently that's not too far off the mark LOL Needless to say costume nerds start killing people and Zac list off the different ways it could have happened... rabies, virus, nuclear exposure or a damn glutton intolerance. Oh and the girl in the truck (who is also in costume was being attacked but Zac rescued her and now she is here)

apparently Zac had no problem leaving Beth at Applebees. Adam breaks the team up b/c they are now being attacked by a crowd. Nerdy goodness boy gets the girl but explains that the midget is a Yoda actually. Because he said that Adam instructs Zac to kill Nerdy goodness afterwords for saying that LOL

Adam kills a very fat Spock with a water hose. And says I guess the force wasn't with you. Zac who is strangling a midget Yoda yells "that's Star Wars" LOL Before smacking Yoda with a drawf lawn ordiment and then stabbing him in the face. LOVE IT

The Flash get's his ass kicked by Beth and a shovel. Man girl's got some mad skillz. Not sure who the cos player is that is a girl with blonde hair but Nerdy goodness kills her with a stick and says wait for it, wait for it, okay now LOL. Killed in a very 300 type manner.

And of course Adam's all "that could've been a lot worse" and Zac points out that yeah its worse much, much worse as a whole herd of zombie cos play nerds attack. On to ep. 2 You can see the whole episode here:

NERD THOUGHTS: Very funny, love the idea, I know it short but man I laughed so freaking hard and then had to tell everyone I know about it. LOVE IT!!!

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