Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trailer Park Heroes pt. 3

OMFG I think Nathan Fillion might be in this one solely based on the video screen capture shot (SQUEE!!!!!) So let's just get right to it.

NERD MOMENT: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Capt. Reynolds and then anything else that love man Nathan Fillion is in. "I aim to misbehave" le swoon...

Okay Nerd Moment over for now but I reserve the right to have MANY MANY MORE if and when he appears on this clip just giving you a fair warning now...
Das shooting is still occurring but the weapons are a running out of ammo so now we get to the hitting. And a random ice cream truck pulls into the trailer park. Which Nerdy Goodness guy tells everyone to scatter b/c really what else would you do faced with a creepy clown on top of an ice cream truck pulling into a trailer park full of nerd zombies I ask you...
HOLY FRACK It's Nathan sucking on a Popsicle (I could go so many, many place with that but, I digress). And man lands he winks at whom I'm not sure but, he was looking directly at me so I'm going with me...
And then begins to machine gun the area. In his bad ass kind of way, not mention how much he is compoletely enjoying this shit! I call dibs he's on my team creepy ice cream van and all. NO NO NO they didn't also just bring in Alan Tudyk from FIREFLY Holy shit

NERD MOMENT: I am having a Nerd attack in das head, heart and lungs. It's like a whole Firefly reunion cast HOLY SHIT!!!! I heart Wash

OMG OMG OMG this show just got cooler and I'm not even sure how it would've now if Zoey walks in I will be back after I pick myself off the floor from my fainting assuming I don't hit my head! *whispers Nerd Heaven here I come* nerd moment over for now.
Nathan replies with "What? I scream you scream we, you know the rest" and tosses his Popsicle. Nathan apparently is the guy that nerdy goodness text during that whole bad timing of phone thingy in last ep. Wash is mad b/c nerdy goodness only text Nathan not him... b/c he had to drive I mean someone has to drive (or pilot...)
Wash goes on for awhile about it would've been so much longer for them to get there had he not asked Nathan what the text was about. So lesson just text Wash seriously....
Beth starts to strip b/c we are all thinking the same thing here. Nerdy goodness guy says no but, every other guy is like give her a second... boys. Zac is stating how this could be good for morale cause she has an idea.
Adam is with nerdy goodness and says that they should pack up this show and take it on the road... Oh Jayne if only we had a ship. Sorry
Super girl whom Zac rescued in the beginning is awake and apparently the boys are more interested in her than Beth now LOL. Its the costume it has to be. NO freaking way its Six from Battlestar Galactica or she was also on Chuck to replace Sarah as Chuck's handler or what not anywho its you know her... with longer and darker hair so I see why the guys are happy LOL Is it sad I dont' know her real name?
LOL OMG Beth shoots her in the head and laughs and I for some reason I can't stop laughing either. Beth moved up on the list. Nice job. And then says "Faster than a speeding bullet. Yay right." OMG I heart Beth!
And that's the end. Freaking awesome show you can watch this ep here

Anyway that was a hoot and a half plus fun times on a rainy Saturday! Thanks The Nerd Machine for putting it out there for us all.

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