Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Because I'm sick to death of people asking me who is Deadpool and why I love him so much... Here's what I know and I'm sure there are others out there that know more than me but... here's the 411 according to Sarai

Deadpool's real name is Wade Winston Wilson yes all three names starts with W like a tradition done in Marvel except... he was not created by Stan Lee.

NERD MOMENT: I have no idea why so many of my friends think that Stan Lee is the only person who has ever introduced a new character into the Marvel world but, they do and now I'm here to put the story straight. Nerd moment over.

The first miniseries with Deadpool was called Circle Chase and you can get that in the ultimate Deadpool collection from amazon here. Eventually Deadpool got his on ongoing series by Joe Kelly (I have to admit this is where I came in so I enjoyed this series more than most.) Deadpool wasn't a villain so much as an anti-hero character and good friend to Weasel (which I can tell ya more about later on a different sidenote) I always viewed Deadpool as a wise cracking heart of gold that got twisted and misused and well hell became who he was for a good reason. Others disagree but, I am talking about Sarai's thoughts not others so there you go. Anyway  that was a random tagit but, that's what you get when you read stuff I write about.

Okay after Joe Kelly there was a revamp I think but, I didn't read those I think that was when life was hitting me hard and I moved passed it to something else... anyway I recently stumbled across Daniel Way's new series on Deadpool and will hopefully one day get to share those random thoughts with you on how I am enjoying them. That being said I haven't had time to read them so not even sure why I shared that bit.

All I know and want to stress to my friends is that Deadpool wasn't made by Stan Lee. That he is an anti-hero who is a smarta$$ and we never know if he is morally upright or not. He is not Ryan Reynolds nor is he what they did to him in XMen Origins Wolverine. Now if you want a really well thought out of what went wrong and a deep history of this iconic superhero/anti-hero go here and be wowed like I was. First off they are smarter than me and secondly wow I like how well it was put together with history and whatnot. So go forth and learn little ones.

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