Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bladezz review from the Guild

Okay so this will be a very short review b/c while I thought it was nice to catch up with this character and learn more about him... it just wasn't all that I thought it would be. But, that being said this character is seriously like a high school student so there wasn't going to be much history there. It did however, show a better picture of his SUPER smart sister Dina who cracks me up not only on the show but also in the comic. My gosh that kid is smart and My gosh Bladezz is not LOL. The only real thing this comic did was answer how he became a model. I don't know if you all recall that Bladezz AKA Simon (again something I didn't know). I do like how Simon AKA Bladezz came up with his model name "Finn Smulders".

Again it is a quick easy read that shows you how Bladezz connects to the Guild and why he is a gamer like he is. Kind of nice getting the background but not needed to understand what is happening in his life especially if you watch the show at all.

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