Friday, October 26, 2012

Clara review from the Guild

This is one of my favorite Guild characters so I must share with you my thoughts on this one.

NERD MOMENT: I LOVE HER. No idea why but I so heart Clara maybe b/c she is who she is and my gosh is she ever dumb but, then out of nowhere has a fantastic idea. LOL who knows why I just do. Nerd moment over.

Okay again you don't really need this one unless you just want to learn more about Clara. Basically we see how she met her hubby whom I feel horrible for during this WHOLE series. Anyway we learn what we've always known that Clara loves her games, she lives in her own world, she loves her husband but not in the way he would like. She is a horrible house keeper and or babysitter to her own kids and yet she is pretty much carefree and happy.

All in all it is the same character I have grown to love and well wish I had her husband LOL. The only cool info was how freaking rocker her husband was before they started popping out children together he appears to be pretty bad ass...

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