Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm Batman

Okay I'm not really but, I did get to do a TOTAL Batman marathon on Thursday night leading up to a very cool showing in KS of the new one. I will say IT TOTALLY ROCKED MY WORLD. One thing I love about these films is how they build on one another and actually lead somewhere. I honestly don't think they are just there to make a profit. Although I'm sure they do that too!

So first I rushed from work and barely made it to the Batman Begins movie. This one I've seen like a 100 times so mid-way through I rushed to the concession stand and got me some grub which is very important. This is a very important movie b/c it sets up the WHOLE story. And yeah before you say DUH I know it's the first one and that was the point. That being said I still had a hard time figuring out why we had to know all the details and whatnot until I watched it right before the 3rd one. It does help make more sense of the 3rd. Could you watch The Dark Knight Rises without seeing the previous 2? Yes but I think you get more out of it and understand the BIG picture better when you see all 3 together!
Next up was The Dark Knight and hands down my favorite of the films. Not just because of Heath Ledger (RIP) but, b/c it really made you think of how we as a society view our heroes and how quickly they fall in our books. It helped me to think of how many times we put a mere man up on a high playing field only to sit back and call for his blood when there was no way he could live up to all of it. Does it make the fall worth it? No. Should we stop looking for a hero? No but, I do think we need to stop placing our faith in mere men.

And seriously that's the end of the soap box. I DO LOVE The Dark Knight it is my favorite of the 3 and I LOVE me some Joker one of the best villains in film for a while.

WOW just WOW I really don't know what else to say about this film other than WOW. Seriously it started slow, it built up in a very slow pace allowing everyone time to adjust and rethink what they knew. It had moments of absolute horror, action, sadness/tears, and laughter. I really don't want to spoil anything but MY GOD it was fantastic and I highly suggest EVERYONE go out and see this film one of the best of the year after Avengers of course ;-)

Did anyone else see it? What did you think? Which one is your favorite?

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