Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reason for this blog

I didn't start this blog to just talk about SGA/SG1 stuff although I can see where a person would get that impression... no I started this blog to be able to totally NERD out about anything. You see I'm the nerd in my friend group. I know, I know hard to believe but apparently I am so when I sat at home nerding out about something I wanted to share it only to discover NO ONE CARED. (Can you believe it?!?! How could you not care about Chuck, Supernatural, Trailer Park Heroes, Stargate Freaking Atlantis or SG Freak 1?!?! I don't get it)

So screw em I am going to Nerd like there is no tomorrow here and I'm going to do it Sarai style which means... horribly written, full of pictures, and a hell of a lot of squeeing so be prepare. You will see fan vid, links to fan fic, and of course Con updates, info and reports. I plan to be me in the way that no one gets to see unless you happen to be a fellow Nerd at Cons with me. So sit back relax put on your Nerd glasses and be prepared to enter the Nerd layer b/c Sarai is Nerding Out Again!

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