Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update on Challenges for the Year

Wow remember when I did this? Well I thought it would help me keep on track... turns out I haven't read anything in the month of August... well okay that's not true I read but I didn't finish anything last month and now I am 36 books behind for my goal of 100 this year... that is not a good thing for me.

In reality I am only 8 book shy of my goal of 40 for my Outdo Yourself Challenge

And for my Ebook Challenge of 20 or more books I have read 16

Which really isn't bad...

The ones that are killing me are the Re-read challenge currently at 1 out of 12

And my TBR challenge of reading 20 while I've only read 4 LOL stupid Kindle threw this one completely out

I wouldn't even be concerned if I wasn't in school because it just doesn't seem all that bad until you look at the stats and Goodreads reminds you regularly that you are 36 books behind.
Ah well it was a nice thought ;0)
How about you what are your reading challenges looking like so far?

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  1. You know... Lately, I've been thinking about all the reading challenges I'm in for 2011, too. Figuring it's time to assess them and see how impossible it's gonna be to complete them by Dec. 31.

    I think you'll make your Outdo Yourself and EBook challenges--those two are totally doable!

    Umm. oops about the 36 books behind in your goodreads goal. That one might be tricky to complete... but if you do a couple of these Readathons, I bet you could do it! Maybe pick some short books? ;)