Monday, September 12, 2011

My brother is getting married to my best friend

And no that is not a book that is my life LOL!!!

 Oh how I fondly remember the day they met and how I wept LOL no I really wept tears of joy. Its been a rough 5 years going on 6 for them but he is going to marry her on Oct. 22nd! And I can't be happier...
I only show this pics b/c my BFF Is also a MAJOR shoe whore like me so I told her that she is going to have to get a pics like this! Anywho I wanted to share a joyous occasion at our house with you!


  1. Aww - how sweet. I'm happy for them. And now your best friend will also be your sister - hooray! :)

  2. I know it was very exciting in our house all around! I told her I always knew you were my sister this just makes it offical ;0)