Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday Movie yay!

The movie was pretty good I have to admit I didn't expect to sit through the whole thing without some major eye rolling. That being said it could be that it was so PACKED with stars I couldn't help but wonder who would come out next to play LOL. The movie is pretty much this generations version of Outbreak but on a larger scale. It has it basic underlying issues. And really its out there to make us more aware which half of us won't be.

I did manage to get through the whole movie until the last five minutes before the dick behind me started coughing I so wanted to shout "really come on man didn't you pay attention to the movie COVER YOUR MOUTH" Gawd some people. Needless to say I was unaware of how often people touch their face and how easy it would be to have a HUGE global pandamic.

So I would recomend you go see this one... if nothing else for the sheer amount of star power and Jude Law's MESSED up teeth seriously I couldn't help but stare and keep thinking man that sterotype needs to die I mean British people have denist too! Lord.

Anywho Final Grade: C (good but not a keeper or re-watch for me)

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