Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Movie Monday review again only minis this time

Mini Movie reviews


This movie was actually pretty good. Everyone keeps asking me if it was funny or too serious and here's how I answer. First off its a 27 year old man that has cancer so not funny, his girlfriend who tells him she will be there for him cheats, his best friends obsessed with sex, his father has dementia, and his mother is demanding. He is told he has a 50/50 shot at living. All this = sad. But wait mixed in with this is a story of a young man figuring out who he is, who he loves, who his friends are, and how to fight for what he wants. His friend is Seth Rogan which means (=) nasty I mean come on he's nasty but he lightens the mood throughout the movie.

So yes sad movie, yes I cried, but I did also laugh, roll my eyes, and blush. So very worth it.

Final Grade: B
I won't see it again but was worth seeing.

This was a really cute cartoon and I highly enjoyed it. I actually found myself rooting for Megamind throughout the whole film. LOL which yes I am well aware that was the point. I laughed and got upset at points that were worth a good booing. I also loved the classic rock songs that they picked for this movie. Anyway if you have kids it is very worth getting and watching at least once.

Final Grade: B
I liked it but not enough to rent it again or buy

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