Monday, February 14, 2011

Movie Monday

 Alright last week with being snowed in and unable to attend class I was able to squeeze in 2 movies YEAH!
 First up was Shrek 4 something I have been wanting to see but was scared to due to the whole Shrek 3 disaster. I have to admit I LOVED IT. Basically we start off with Shrek having the prefect life. Except its the same day after day... who can't relate to that. Add to it that no one is scared of him any more no one fears the Ogre. So after making a complete jerk of himself at his kids party he agrees to give one day of his life to go back and live the way it was when he was KING OF THE JUNGLE.

What we learn is that if Shrek did this he never rescued Fiona, never met Donkey, Puss in boats is spoiled and fat and well the King and Queen of Far Far Away don't exist. What happens next is Shrek trying to break the contract in order to get back the thing he wants. His old life boring and all. Can he do it?

I LOVED IT. I adored watching Shrek and Fiona falling in love in a different way this time. Watching Shrek try to fix all his selfish wrongs. Heck I even loved the moral behind it: You never know how good you have it until its gone. This is one I will definitely be adding to the collection and we will pretend like 3 never happened.

Final Grade: A
The Time Traveler's Wife was a different movie. I won't go out and say it was bad but I don't think I got it. There was a lot of hopping around, future Henry, past Henry and current Henry would even interact at times and I felt confused through most of the movie. What I did like was the whole Love story idea behind it. What if you could find the person you loved and started interacting with them from the time they were young what would happen? Or would it turn out where that person felt trapped as if they never had a choice in it?
I did enjoy it but I am wondering if I should read the book and see if that helps to clear things up. Other than that it was decent once I started catching on to different parts and the ending holy crap I cried. I know, I know but I still did even with all the warnings I still did.

Final Grade: C
good but won't watch again.

Did you see any good movies? Don't forget you comment you get to pick a book!

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