Monday, December 13, 2010

Movie Monday

So I've managed to watched only 3 movies since my last review which is kind of sad when you think about it.

 So the first movie I watched was Jackass 3D and no it was not my choice I was suckered into by a friend. Said friend who just HAD to see it and knew I would say no if I knew where we were going before she bought the tickets. That being said I have never laughed so hard or came so close to puking in a movie theater before this movie but my God it was freakin funny as all get out and WOW gross. The best part for me was Jared Allen who is an ex Chief's player he tackled Johnny Knoxville freaking lost my mind with this scene.

The things these guys do for laughs is amazing in fact the fact that they have been able to reproduce is even more amazing after what they put their bodies through. If you are going to see this movie I would suggest you not eat during, before or after for a while because if you are not laughing you are gagging.

Final Rating B
Next up is the movie that my mom has been wanting to see but it finally came out and she was able to see it. Red is a great movie and by far one of my favorites of this batch. I absolutely loved watching Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirrin and Bruce Willis with Jon Malkovich acting like washed up CIA agents. The plot was good and believable and can I just say that Karl Urban is FREAKIN HAWT I don't care who you are that man whew!!! He will be our Eye Candy Friday real soon I swear.

Okay so basically Bruce Willis character falls in love with the woman on the phone who happens to live in Kansas City BABY! But someone orders all ex CIA agents to be killed that happened to deal with a plan in South America. So they all get together to figure out why people are trying to kill them. There is a lot of action, there is some romance, some wonderful plot developments and well of course watching Helen Mirrin firing a machine gun kicked some serious butt.

Final Rating: A (I will be buying this one on DVD)
Okay I have to say this was the biggest disapointment of all of them. I thought this would be like the original happy and a little sad but still filled with laughing. UH no I ended up balling my freakin eyes out through the whole movie. The comedy that was in it wasn't enough the rest of the time I ended up wondering why I was watching a kid movie to cry.

Basically Andy is going to college and well the toys get sent to daycare by accident only to discover that being played with ALL the time isn't the best thing in the world. So needless to say its Toys break out while Buzz turns Spanish and while that was cute it wasn't enough to lighten the seriousness of the movie. Lord help me but I just didn't care for it.

Final rating: C

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