Monday, December 6, 2010


I seriously don't know how you guys who go to work 8a to 5p do it. Seriously I woke up at 5:30a today to be in training downtown at 7a. I was in training from 7a to 9a then I headed to the old place to finish cleaning and painting. BTW it sucks when you move and have stuff left over that you have to move at another time and other cleaning to do. UGH.

So from 9a to 2p I cleaned, and I cleaned, and I painted, and painted, then cleaned some more. I took a FULL car load of crap to the trash and I have a FULL car load of crap to unload after work tonight. PLUS I have about 4 boxes of crap to move tomorrow. UGH!!! Why or why did I wait so long to move all my crap. WHY can't I have EVERYTHING ready to go before I move?!?!?!

Add to it I work tonight in the hospital from 3p to 11:30p so yeah SUPER long day for me and I have no idea how any of you on a normal schedule wake up so freakin early?

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