Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Monday

 Whew so this week's Movie Monday are repeats b/c I suck and haven't seen any new movies. Of course as I say that I went and saw the new HP movie but I will save that for a later time to discuss.
 Toy Story 1 the original that started it all. Apparently my mother has never seen it so when I say to infinity and beyond she thinks I'm crazy. That was until I rented the original to give her an idea of why this movie is the most beloved movie EVER! Seriously....
She did like it thankfully she thought it was cute and could see why Woody and I took pictures together in Vegas. She also could understand why I love Woody over Buzz (I'm so a cowboy fan) but she also understood why people kept demanding more and more from the toys. So now I just need her to sit through Toy Story 2 and 3 before Christmas so that I can get them in my stocking. What I've been good!

Final Grade: Still an A totally love this movie
 Eagle Eye is the best thriller movie I've watched in a while. I know that doesn't say much considering that I'm more of a TV watcher than an movie watch but still. This is one of those movies that every time I watch it I see something new that helps the story make even more sense. Not to mention this is the movie that made me fall in love with Shia Labeouf I think this was his first "action" film.
Basically both characters above are called by a mysterious lady who demands they do these weird things in order to prevent someone they love from dying or to keep themselves (shia) alive. The twist and turns occur b/c they are being tracked through videos, electronic equipment, phones, and other devices. So the question is who is commanding these people. Needless to say this is one I need to buy on DVD b/c every time I've watched it I have been amazed.

Final Grade: A
A TEAM baby!!!! I absolutely heart this movie. Seriously the best movie EVER for me. One of my Top 5 this year alone if that tells you anything... Basically this movie shows us how the TV show A Team formed how they met each other and became the team known for doing the impossible.

I really do love the show I grew up watching it with my dad and just knew that if I was ever in trouble as a kid that the A Team would come and help. Seeing it as a kick butt movie with the same OVER THE TOP stunts and plans that have them trying to fly a tank, to turning off the helicopter while in mid flight, to stealing gold bars so the enemy won't get them. I loved watching BA, Murdock, Face and Col come together for a HUGE plot that sadly doesn't clear their names which sets them up to rescue and help normal people  do the impossible.

Final Grade: A+ this movie just gets better every  time I watch it.

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