Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Harry Potter 7 Review

Well its no longer Monday but hey we live and learn then move on. So today's movie is the 7th Harry Potter film and why I call myself a fan of the book series I have to admit the movies don't really do much for me. Mainly because I feel like they don't follow the books and well for some reason that disappoints me. My family and friends tell me to get over it movies are entertainment but still its me so yeah not getting over it anytime soon. Now that being said I LOVED THIS MOVIE. I don't know if it was b/c I was having a bad and just decided to go into as pure entertainment or if it was really that good. But you will get no complaints from me. Other than the second one is way too far away.

 I have no idea what the picture is suppose to mean b/c let me be frank in my re-readings of HP I am only on book 5 (those books are HUGE and well I've read them once so its a struggle with all the other WONDERFUL books out there to sit down and re-read this whole series) I do not however, recall Hogswart going up in flames but then again I read the 7th book way back when it first came out so I might be slightly wrong with this. Anywho this movie started off with me crying my eyes out. B/c we watch Hermonie wiping away her parents memories (which I am told doesn't happen in the book) Didn't matter b/c I was heart broken over the situation. I seriously was crying like a little girl when this happened. Flash forward and Harry is not wiping anything but watching the only family he's ever known leaving for protection. (That didn't make me cry b/c I just didn't like them.) Finally everyone shows up at Harry's to take him some place safe.
 First off can you believe how much these kids have grown up? OMG Its amazing I just realized they are like 21 which is only 9 years younger than me *wink, wink* Needless to say this movies started off with a bang and continues to do so. Harry begins to realize that this is war and there is good chance people he knows will die. We see this with Mad Eye Moody, Hedgewig, and others. The race is on defeat Voldermort and he is going to need all his courage, strength and brains to win. Luck for him he has the world's greatest friends who will stick by his side during this journey. Well Ron does up to a point but then he comes back. Luckly for Harry he comes back when he's drowning and in his underwear only (did I mention that there is a fake love scene between Harry and Hermione on top of Harry being in his underwear?) Anyway this movie kept me entertained it made me laugh, made me sad and of course made me happy. I can't wait for the next installment.
 So my final Grade which surprised not only me but all my friends: A
Yes I will be buying this one on DVD.

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