Friday, December 21, 2012

Revenge update

OK now that finals are over I have managed to catch more eps of this show. To see my review of ep 1-3 head here. After that come back here and sit back and relax cause crap just got real!

S1E4: Duplicity
This one was creepy in every way. And personally pissed me off b/c I am attempting to become a psychologist and the fact that someone could do that to a child really rankles me. Sorry my rant is over. Plus it doesn't matter since Emily gets her revenge on the shrink that held her in an asylum and told her that her father was a bad man and deserved what he got. Basically Victoria bought off the shrink and made her a famous shrink in the Hampton where all the whose who goes to in order to have their problems solved. Apparently the shrink video taped the sessions without letting the women know (FYI illegal just saying) any who Emily taps into that source and uses it to her advantage. You can see where this is going. She makes a video tape that shows all their dirty little secrets at the mother daughter tea Victoria host. Including her own so that she won't be suspicious. Add with it Victoria is shown saying she wished her daughter had never been born and of course her daughter heard it all.
As if that wasn't enough now the shrink is missing and apparently our little Emily had something to do with that, but we are the only ones that know. I have to admit this one was very interesting and I enjoyed it minus the whole shrink is bad thing.

S1E5 - Guilt
This one was shocking to say the least and I think is going to either come back to bite Em in the butt or really help her. Remember that woman Lydia that was having an affair with Victoria's husband and yet at the same time called V her BFF? Yeah well she came back in this ep and has dirt on our little Emily. Dirt that expose Em for Amelia. So why Em is running around town trying to stop this her and Daniel get into a fight he gets drunk. V and her daughter are still fighting and well L is trying to make a scene. But don't you worry cause the loyal security guard is going to take care of it and boy does he. Little does he know that Nolan has installed a camera and videotaped the whole thing. As if that wasn't enough V's daughter gets in trouble with the cops but bails her bro Daniel bails her and Declan out which is a stupid story line but eh... and D and E have sex! all that in a 45 minute ep!

S1E6 - Intrigue
So what does one do with evidence that Lydia didn't plan to kill herself in fact she was killed by the security guard Frank? Well one emails Conrad who was sleeping with her to turn V and C against Frank. Does it work? Doesn't matter cause Frank's in love with Victoria oddly enough I didn't see that one coming... why I have no idea... oh and with friends like whatever Daniel's friends name is holy crap you can't help but thank God you don't have that horrible of friends sheesh! Add to that I feel bad for Jack and now Nolan got Emily busted by Frank and holy crap this all may go to hell soon. Stupid show knows how to suck you in and keep you hooked!

Stayed tuned for the next 3 mini-reviews coming you way at some point.

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