Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mini Review of

The Essential Supernatural on the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester book!
Oh yes lovelies I haz this book and I am digging it!!!! It's like a coffee table book for SPN nerds!

Here's the opening pages... (Photobomb coming up)
 The opening pages Oh so pretty
 Its an oldie but a goodie pic and I am loving it!
 Cover page apparently takes a nod from Season 6 or was it 5?

 Again another pretty picture of the boys trying to figure out which one I want them to sign...

 This is just a random pic I threw in b/c I heart all of you and them ;)
 Okay Content page
Ch 1. Sam and Dean Hit the Road
Ch 2. Opening the Devil's Gate
Ch 3. The Road to Hell
Ch 4. Heaven and Hell
Ch 5. The Apocalypse
Ch 6. Finding Purgatory
Ch 7. Ancient Evil
Ch 8 The Road Ahead...
Episode Guide (Very handy)
 Ch. 1 Hittin the Road
Ch. 2 Opening the Devil's Gate
 Ch. 3 The Road to Hell
 Ch. 4 Heaven and Hell
 Ch. 5 The Apocalypse
 Ch. 6 Finding Purgatory
 Ch. 7 Ancient Evil
 Ch. 8 The Road Ahead
Oh and it comes with a lot of cool crap like this map and well poster's of Chuck (the prophet's) books, and other stuff like postcards, stickers and whatnots.

All in all not bad I actually think it would be a HUGE hit for any SPN fan escpecially with Christmas coming up! So here's a link you can get a copy for either yourself like I did or for someone you love ;)

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