Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The First Commandment

Oh yeah I'm cranking them out!!! Okay we are on episode 6 The First Commandment and so far one of my least favorite *shrug* you can't win them all.

Okay so it's night time on the planet and we see two men running in from men in grass skirts, spears, weird looking masks, and blow guns which is not cool. Turns out the bad guy our guys are running from use to be a good guy (AKA our guy) but something has happened to him. So b/c our guy ran the bad guy shoots him just like that and see that the other guy has gone through the stargate.

So SG1 comes through the gate some odd hours later to figure out what happened. What they discover is that the main guy running in the opening scenes didn't make it through in fact he stayed behind hoping someone would come and he could explain what happened.

Needless to say everyone agrees to go find out why the mad man went mad. Basically Capt. Jonas Hanson has convinced the natives of this planet that he is truly their God and they should do what he says. During the night the guy who managed to escape is caught and tied to the stakes b/c the UV rays are out of this world on this planet.

Okay so Carter thinking she is a badass decides to go and talk to Hanson b/c she used to be engaged to him. She determines that he is indeed insane and draws a pistol on him with no intention of ever shooting him which just irks the crap out of me. Never draw a weapon on someone unless you plan on using it. So he takes her weapon and smacks her which she deserves.

Alright in the mean time Jack gets captured and is told he will be killed as they are doing this Daniel and Teal'c discover the second machine that Hanson intends to use to create a shield and they turn the tables on him by turning it on before he can. Jack is saved and all is well b/c Hanson is killed and the people live peacefully forever.

C (mainly b/c Carter irked the shit out of me acting all tough when she's not)

Lesson learned: the saying absolute power corrupts absolutely appears to be true so watch it.

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