Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cold Lazarus

Alright on to episode 7 - Cold Lazarus

Jack has obviously recovered from his aging bout and is now on a desert like planet with tons of blue crystal rods that look as if they've been smashed. Everyone in the crew spreads out and begins to explore. Jack decides to touch one of the Crystals (big mistake this was also another storyline they recycled on Atlantis with Sheppard) He is blown back and knocked out. Then we see another Jack standing over him looking at him weird.

The fake Jack who shall forever be called FJ in the rest of this review heads back to Earth with the rest of the crew. The FJ changes and even their clothes are funny I mean I can't believe we wore pants up to our belly buttons with our shirts tucked in but here is the proof.

This show tells us about Jack's past and lets us know that even Carter doesn't know this information. While FJ goes off to find Charlie (who we learn is Jack's son that killed himself with Jack's weapon although if you've watched the movie before this then you would've already known that anyway FJ doesn't know that Charlie is gone for good) This is when we get to Sara which I had hoped would be a little prettier b/c hey she has my name. But alas no that doesn't happen.

Anyway the team determines that the G'uld were the ones responsible for the destruction of the crystals and the crystals actually talk (hold the phone yeah that's what I said the crystals talk) Meantime the real Jack returns pissed off that the team left without him. They are shocked that he is there.

Meanwhile FJ is talking to Sarah about what he can do then Sarah admits she was angry with him but b/c he wasn't talking. Then FJ collapses looking as if he was being shocked. So Sarah races him to the ER. On the other hand the crew is racing to the same ER hoping to get there before the crystal AKA FJ explodes.

When they get there the FJ turns into Charlie. Jack and Sarah get to say goodbye as Jack takes Charle AKA FJ AKA crystal back to its planet. And discovers that FJ only did what he did to save his kind.

Well that was it LOL

Lesson Learned: Don't touch shit on any planet unless you know what it is and what it will do!
Grade: B I didn't really dislike it but it wasn't the best.

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