Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Monday ~ Rango

 This week I thought I would review a movie that is out in theaters LOL you know since I stopped reviewing those when I became a broke college kid again~ Anywho I went to see this one with a friend of mine and her nephew. Rango the new movie with Johnny Depp in it
First off this movie was LONG.... way longer than it needed to be. Also it is more for adults then children it did have the few slap stick comedy moves and farting jokes but otherwise the humor was centered for adults. That being said there wasn't much humor in this movie at all. I actually didn't enjoy this movie at all. It was slow, dry, and well very predictable. I thought the plot was pretty pitiful for a child's movie, the "surprise" characters were well not surprising, the heroine was a nit wit, the hero was a freaking anti-social lizard who wanted to be social and liked so he lied about who he was and it just so happened that luck favored him until he was called out...

FYI no shocker there hello if you lie about being some great hero eventually you are going to have to prove it which he does in the end and if you think I am ruining the movie seriously guess again its a typical plot line. The worse part of it all was the 2 six year old boys sitting next to me asking every 5 minutes is it almost over yet? And I kept sighing with them nope not yet. Needless to say this will work for some but for me I thought there would be more comedy and a slightly faster pace. *shrug*

Final Rating: D
Defiantly not something I would watch again which is sad b/c I love me some Johnny.

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