Saturday, March 19, 2011


ACK!!!! OMG where has the time gone seriously folks its already Spring Break for me. And now it is time for MIDTERMS!!!!!

So needless to say I have 3 take home midterms (yes I am counting myself lucky) that are due after spring break. This means I shall not be around here very much in the coming week b/c yeah I'm slightly in panic mode since I just looked at the take home exams (Is it just me are take homes harder b/c they expect you to get them all right. Or is that a personal expectation so I'm making it hard?!?!?!) Anywho I might pop in and out over Spring Break but I might not if the blog is dead this would be why. I am hoping to catch up on some reading. Today in between answering Research Methods questions I caught up on Glee, Supernatural and Psych which was kind of nice except the midterm didn't get done.

Tomorrow's goal to actually finish that midterm and start on Lifespan Development's WHEW!! Wish me luck!

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