Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Got some goodies over Spring Break!!!!

 Special delivery for ME~
Okay so over spring break I realized that my poor dear e-reader wasn't nearly cool enough. The battery life had dropped to next to nothing I could barely read a few chapters over lunch before it died, it didn't except a lot of books and Sony's library is very expensive. So after some research and a lot of shopping I found the perfect fit for me!!!
 Yepper, yepper I gotz a kindle!!! Whoot and I am totally loving it. So far I've spent a small amount of a fortune on books and stuff b/c just getting the kindle was silly so I decided I needed a light
 which just happened to come with the cover (GREEN) my favorite!!!

 and well then I needed some books to read until I could get to my computer to move all my pdf files over. So far its been great and I love all the details, the lighting, the words are easier to read, and the battery life is to die for at the moment. I also love how easy it is to get books. While that is a bonus it's not necessarily a great thing (eck lots of money going out of the account!)

Okay more on that as I discover the richness or failure of my choice ;0)

The next lovely surprise I rec'd was an ARC copy of.... wait for it....

YEP I have an ARC of the Soldier by Grace Burrowes some of you might or might not recall my slight love affair with Grace here or you can read my review here needless to say I'M TOTALLY STOKED TO GET THIS ONE EARLY and I will be giving this copy away b/c I've ordered one on release day too! So look forward to that.

Um other than that things are back to normal. I'm finishing up a midterm, working on a 10 page paper and my church stuff. Plus now I'm hoping to read more LOL.

***Reviews will be coming and remember if you leave a comment you are entered to win a book off the giveaway shelf!***

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