Friday, January 18, 2013

Another SPN review - Dead in the Water

Moving on along we are at Dead in the Water!

First off anything in the water or having to do with the water freaks me out. Seriously! So this one is already going to be a winner. It starts off with an all American girl teasing her brother and heading out on the lake for a swim. As she is swiming she hears something and continues to look around at the shore wondering just what could it be. Turns out the noises are coming from below as something snatches her straight down. (Kind of reminds me of Jaws but without all the splashing.)

Enter a truck stop where we find Dean circling something in the paper. Another blonde comes up but she is more of playmate material then all American girl. Anywho Sam wants dad, Dean wants to hunt, and now you know the storyline for the rest of the season and why the brothers are always fighting.

Finally Dean wins and they head off to where ever they are going to get near the lake. Once there they talk to the brother who swears that his sister couldn't just drown she grew up out there. They agree and head off to the local law enforcement. Whom happens to have a hot young daughter with a 4 year old son(speaking of which the son doesn't look four and he is twice the size (width) of his mother.) Dean attempts to flirt and she leads them to the hotel...

Andrea: (Looking at Dean) Must be hard with your sense of direction. Never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.
Dean is attempt at flirting was more like I like kids... they are the best which leads to Sam making fun of him...

Sam: “Kids are the best”? You don't even like kids.
Dean: I love kids.Sam: Name three children that you even know. (Dean thinks and Sam begins to walk away. Dean scratches his head)
Dean: I'm thinking!

Needless to say after some research they discover that Lucas (kid mentioned above) was on a float and watched his dad drown. He was alone for 2 hours after it happened and now isn't talking. Dean is able to relate b/c he was Lucas' age when he saw his mom, you know, die and all that.

He decides to give it another go with Lucas and tells him all this information. Lucas doesn't repond so Dean thinks its a lost cause until Lucas comes up and gives Dean a picture of a house. Not sure what to do with it they move on.

Enter the all American girl's brother who is feeling bad for dad decides to clean some corn in the outside sink. But the sink is acting funny and backing up. So he does what anyone would do and tries to unplug it only to drown in the sink... Seriously that can mess a person up. I haven't looked at sinks in the same way.
Dean and Sam show up to see what is going on and after an uneventful conversation with the dad they discover that their house looks just like the picture that Lucas drew them. So the brothers go back and visit Lucas to see what else the kid might know. This is when Sam discovers that Dean actually witnessed their mom's death and remembers it. Needless to say Lucas ends up giving them another picture. This one has a house and a church... So the boys head off to find this location while Sam attempts to get Dean to share his thoughts about their mother...
Sam: (referring to Lucas' picture of a house and a church) See this church? I bet there is less than a thousand of those around here.
Dean: (sarcastically) Oh, college boy thinks he's so smart
(Sam laughs)
Sam: You know, um... what you said about mom never told me that before.
Dean: It's no big deal... Oh God, we're not gonna have to hug or anything, are we?
So they find the new location and discover that its the home of a little boy who went for a ride on his bike and never came back. This little boy happens to be connected to the dad of the 2 kids that have died. So they head to the dad's house and he's out in a boat on the lake. Suddenly the boat is sucked in.
The sheriff tells the boys that he knows they aren't who they say. Lucas freaks out and the boys are given the "leave town and don't come back or I will arrest you."

This leads us to a bath scene with the very good looking woman. (you know this isn't going to end well) So the boys decide to go back to the house they are greeted by a freaked out Lucas who leads them to the bathroom. Dean bust open the door and holds Lucas back as Sam manages to save his mom. She admits she heard a voice saying come play with me. The boys do research and discover the sheriff is involved. Lucas leads them to Peter (the dead boy) bike.

Finally the truth comes out when the dad of the 2 dead kids and the sheriff were kids they were bullying little Peter and he drowned. They let his body go in the lake and buried the bike. Now the dead kid wants revenge by killing their loved ones. This is when every one discovers that Lucas has gone into the lake (and I about peed my pants) when a dark hand reaches out and snatches him. The boys jump in the water to go after him. This is when I screamed b/c as the sheriff is looking on he sees a creepy ass spirit of Peter's head appear in the water just the eyes up. Now the sheriff believes so he gets in the water.

Creepy ass ghost child takes him and gives Lucas back. And I betcha they never live by a lake again. Cut to the end Dean is upset they couldn't save everyone but then Lucas appears and talks to Dean. They are given sandwiches and Dean has a moment with Lucas....
[Dean puts a box of sandwiches in the car.]
Dean: Alright, if you're gonna be talking now, this is a very important phrase, so I want you to repeat it one more time.
Lucas: Zeppelin rules!
Dean: That's right. Up high. (Holds his hand up for a high five) You take care of your mom, okay?Lucas: Alright.

Mom then kisses Dean on the lips and Dean acts all shy about (pfft whateve!)
Scary: A
Story: A (this is supernatural at its best)

Lesson Learned: Don't swim in lakes that people keep mysteriously disappearing in.

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