Monday, August 9, 2010


Ok so contray to what most reviewers of this movie have said I actually liked it. It took me awhile to get into it but I really liked the idea of it and how it was done all things considered. There are not a lot of special effects but then again when they do use them they are done right. Did you know that most of the movie was done with a hand held? No big tripod like things... Anyway the premise behind Push:
There are special people born with special talents (ex: ability to move things with their mind, see into the future, plant thoughts, heal bones, and well numerous other things) these people were experiements during WWII (nice touch if you ask me) they then gave birth to children who carried on the genes. Anyway the world's governments have locked them up in hopes of building up SUPER armies (sounds about right) The few that are not in holding or working for the agency are the ones deemed not good enough. Enter in our main character played by My Chris (he shall hereforth be named such)

Anyway My Chris is found by little Dakota who can see into the future and knows that My Chris should help her find the case which is the key to taking down the Agency. Mix in the fact that it involves the man who killed My Chris' dad in the beginning a woman that he fell in love with and some other really cool people and you've got one hell of a movie.

Here are some of the characters in the movie. Dakota reads the future, the other girl is a sniffer she can smell an object and see its whole past. The Man on the left can change objects to make them look like other objects and the other man can hide things from said sniffers.

Apparently My Chris can only use his powers when he is emotional b/c honestly through most of the movie he sucked at it unless his girl was in danger or something bad was happening. But boy help us when he was able to use his wonderful gifts.

Would I recommend this movie? Yeah if you want a different take on talents and to see what they might look like.

Lesson Learned: Don't take on the Agency unless you know you can win b/c those people are MESSED up.

Grade: B

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