Monday, August 2, 2010

Ninja Assassin Movie Review

First and foremost you must keep in mind that I am a history major and while this is not my time period I do know somethings about Ninja's that being said this a pure entertainment movie b/c the historical facts are MESSED up. Now moving on. The movie itself is HELLA gory so again not for the weak of heart. There is a messed up kind of love story going on that would be sweet if the female involved wasn't so stupid.
Needless to say this guy in the picture is the good guy going against the gang of ninja's he calls a family. He was an orphan that was taken in by a cruel man who taught him to be a ninja so that he could carry out bad deeds and kill people so his master could earn money. The day the master and fellow brother killed his lady love is the day he left.
This story is told through out the movie via flashbacks of how cruel his master was he is cruel through nothing but torture.

In the meantime enter stupid lady reporter who wants to "unmask the ninja clan" via a story even though her source of information was killed very badly. Even though she is told repeatedly to LEAVE IT BE she continues the desire to unmask them. So the good ninja comes and rescues the stupid reporter in the process facing and killing numerous ninjas and the big bad man who killed his first love.
You now have the story just throw in as much blood, guts, gore and super cool ninja moves and WHAM you have said movie.

Now it might sound as if I didn't like this movie the truth is it was okay nice little action flick.
Grade: C
Lesson Learned: Leave the FREAKIN ninja's alone especially when you are warned.

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