Sunday, July 6, 2014

To Binge or Not to Binge that is the question

Binge... such a dirty little word or at least it was until Netflix came along...

So I was Binge watching (cause you know I do that all the stinking time) Arrow currently (yes I never watched this crack when it was on 2 years ago and still going strong. I'm trying to catch up before season 3 and the spin off Flash) anyway I digress...

Do you binge watch? Or do you tend to just indulge in 1 episode at a time?
Those of you that binge watch do you ever find yourself getting burned out on it? Or for example skipping around during the show b/c that particular story line is boring to you?
I have found on certain shows there is a reason that the networks give you a week between each. On some shows if you watch all of them at once you will start seeing glaring plot holes or eye roll moments that you would've totally bi-passed had you waited a week between. For example on TWD (The Walking Dead) there are some serious OMG, OMFG, EW and UGH moments that I normally wouldn't have been so Oh God this again? And what the hell was the point of that? Are we going for gore factor here? Had I say, watched them weekly instead of binge watching them for 2 weeks.
In fact I can't think of a single show I was like the above picture when I binged watched unless I was just catching up on 1 season. Like PLL (Pretty Little Liars) I watched season 4 in like a week to watch season 5 and I found with that show that I was like... where the frack is the next episode? Now however, I am caught up and I am wondering why I liked this show so much? Was it simply the binge factor so I was so hooked on the "mystery" of A that I had to know what would happen next or was the show that good and is slumping off?
I am finding with Arrow that I am doing more of the fast forwarding and the "oh I don't like those 2 together so I will skip that" "Oh sure Sara's alive yeah right fast forward" due to watching all of season 1 in like 2 days.

So I guess my questions are:
Do you Binge watch?
If you do how long to do you do it (a whole season, a whole catchup set)?
Do you get bored with a show or annoyed with one when doing a binge watch?
Are there certain shows that are better for Binge watching like say Scandal, PLL, Revenge (due to the mystery or thriller background)?
And am I seriously the only one who does?

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