Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday 13 ~ #16

13 of my favorite fanvideos made to the song Say Something by A Great Big World

1. Dean Winchester #SPN fandom: done by 00shelly77 **SPOILERS INCLUDED**

2. Arrow fandom: done by angelwings4191 **SPOILERS INCLUDED**

3. The Hunger Games Fandom: done by yaniitHa

4. Say Something a fanvid of Hanna + Caleb done by SevenSecretDiaries

5. Another PLL version of the song done by :prettylittleliarsx

6. OUAT version of Say Something: done by moonfallenangel

7. Here's one for the Sherlock fandom done by maitikaHan

8. TWD fandom I present Carol and Daryl done by angelwithnightmares

9.  Harry Potter fandom I present Harry and Hermione done by : XxXxLoVeIsWaRxXxX

10. I've never watched Vampire Diaries but everytime I see these two together in fanvids I want to they look like the perfect couple. So I present Klaus and Caroline done by: SummerGirl6380

11. For the Castle fans I have this one done by: E. Medusa Falls

12. For those fans of Eureka one of my favorite ships done by: panthereye24

13. Lastly we end with a Supernatural tribute to Sam and Dean done by Rosethorn13561

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