Monday, August 4, 2014

#PLL Season 5 thoughts and randomness

Things I don't like about this season of PLL

1) I hate how hard they are coming down on Hanna. Like Emily never got drunk Season 3 or like Aria never lied (EZRA) or let's not forget all the crap that Ali did to you girls like hold your secrets over your heads. Or Aria blackmailed your father, created a fake break up yadda yadda yadda?!?

2) Ali and Emily hooking (WHAT?!?!?) seriously did we have to go there?

3) Caleb dude get over it you fell in love with a ghost that is like the same things as me falling in love with your character it didn't really happen and it's not worth wasting the rest of my life moaning about how you won't return my calls or that it didn't work out.

4) This whole story twist and plot it's done get over it. I never bought that Shauna was A so tell who the real A is and let's move on for freak sakes (and yes I just re-watched the whole series there is no way that girl is A)

5) How in the world do we forgive Ezra so easily?! Serious I buy that he is more A than Shauna ever was.

6) Jenna can see, the new girls a spy, and Mona is going after Ali (been there done that really are we recycling plot lines again?)

7) Why in Gods name is Ali all whinny and needy get over it you brought half this shit on yourself for being a horrible human being. Did you deserve what happened to you? No but you are still doing the same shit everyday. Like IDK making fun of your friends, holding their secrets over their heads, making people lie for you, manipulating people, calling them by their nicknames etc. At this point I would be extremely happy if A did manage to kill her.

8) And let us not forget that at some point in the last 4 seasons each of them has stated that they wonder what their lives would've been like without Ali in it or they wish they had never met her. I mean come on everyone thought Spencer is the one that killed her even Ali thought that.

What the frack happened to Holden?
Who was that damn ghost kid on the Halloween Special Season 3?
Also so if Ezra was spying that much on the girls how did he not know that Aria had contacted his ex and had a kid?
Why did we kill Garrett seriously it's not as if Aria's father did it?
If Wildon killed Garrett with Melissa then what the hell is Melissa up to and why the frack won't she tell Spencer?
Where did Holbrook go?
Please for the love of God answer questions for once instead of adding more to them...
Why did we forgive Toby for being on the A team and why didn't he know anything other than Mona? And why the frack doesn't Mona know who was after A? Or did she know all along it was Shauna who was pulling her strings (which I don't believe)
Also if Mona and Jenna are working together than did Jenna really love Shana and knew that she would die or what? I mean what's up with that?

Side rant: Why have these girls not taking some serious (not date your instructor) self defense classes?

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