Thursday, October 17, 2013

Go Goa Gone

So I have to admit it took awhile to watch this and I have NO freaking idea why... IT IS FREAKING FUNNY AS HELL. OMG Zombies in India with the Russian mob who turns out to maybe not be Russian and wow you just have a set up for a hell of a good time.

Now unless you understand Hindi you will need subtitles and sometimes it gets hard to read as fast as they talk, but you get the idea. There are some seriously funny moments especially when foreigners are blamed for HIV and now Zombies due to globalization LOL I died on that line.

Basically there are 3 friends going to a rave in Goa on an island and when they get there a new drug is introduced. The next morning they learn that the drug did something to everyone but them, the Russian/Dezi guy and the sexy girl. So it is them trying to survive in this situation and figure out what do we know and what have we learned through the whole video. Freaking funny and well they have some serious moments but wow can I just say funny movie.

I highly recommend this movie I think all should watch it!

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