Monday, September 30, 2013

OUAT thoughts

So I'm still on Season 1... and before you throw any and all rocks or sharp objects at me or scream "I can't believe it" pay attention to my reasons.

1. MY GOD there are a lot and I mean a lot of characters to keep up with and keep straight.
2. I AM IN SCHOOL PEOPLE therefore I don't have a lot of time
3. I WAS OUT OF THE COUNTRY for 6 months so I missed half a year on all my shows.

Now back to the whole point of this post. I FREAKING love this show.

The sad part. I have questions and they don't seem to be answering them so I am putting them down on paper to see if they answer them later.

1. WT frack happened the Belle? Is she still locked up and why didn't Rump try to find her in Storybrooke?
2. If one dies in Storybrook does one die in Fairytale land as well?
3. If one does then can the evil queen really have killed King Midas' daughter? Or did she really get her HEA?
4. I sill have no idea what happened to Cinderella is her story line done?
5. WT frack happened to the Mad Hatter is he dead? Or just gone and why did he come back when he was trapped in Wonderland yet I have not met the Red Queen nor Alice?
6. When for the love of all things is Emma going to discover the truth?
7. Who is this August writer guy?
8. Why does Rump and the Queen know the truth but no one else?
9. Why am I starting to feel sorry for Regina AKA evil queen I am starting to understand why she became Evil and feel bad for her.
10. Once the freaking spell is broken do the people in Storybrook just disappear and go back to their fairytale lives or do they continue to live in 2 separate places?

And that's all for now... now keep in mind I am on Season 1 ep. 18 so yeah I still have a ways to go!

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