Friday, February 15, 2013

TWD update

Season 1 Ep 3 I think... Something about frogs is the title.

So our heroes are feeling guilty about leaving old stupid white guy whom by and by know one cares about. Except those who left him behind
touching reunion occurs and we meet stupid white trash brother who was also on Boondocks Saints so I forgive him.
Couple of funny lines by Shane and whatnot
He called the white trash guy a douche bag his brother responds chose your words wisely and he replies "no, no I meant douche bag."
Me died laughing no idea why that sentence was so horribly written.
So off the weird gang of rescuing goes
Wifey is pissy that he is leaving for the guy although she can't confess to her husband that she was banging his best friend while she thought he was dead.
I'm starting to wonder if Shane doesn't think the boy is his and now I wonder if the boy is his....
Of course the women watching are complaining that they are the ones doing the heavy work and the men are just sitting around doing nothing.
I agree ladies rise up and say SCREW THEM or better yet stop washing their clothing for them. Make them do it theirselves.
It would figure that one of the men is a wife beater.
Oh nevermind Shane told the wife that her hubby had died that's why she was okay sleeping with him.
Now I understand and she's SUPER pissed so she has pretty much told him everyone is off limits including her son
Shane is sad to see her go which is sad.
I will say a bow is a lot better than a gun attracts a lot less attention.
So now big wife beater Ed is talking shit I hope the ladies will destroy her and Shane finally has someone to take his anger out on after he strikes his wife.
I think someone should've just shot him but no his wife is all crying about it and no don't hurt him BS that I can't stand.
Although come to think of it a leader probably shouldn't do that but whatever...
Apparently white trash guy sawed off his own freaking hand
so the rescue party was a freaking bust... Joy to the world. wonder what's in store for us in the next ep...

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