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YAY SPN ~ Phantom Traverler review time

Alright folks settle down today's Supernatural review is on the Phantom Traveler one of my personal favorites!!! **Oh PS there will be lots of quotes this one is well written!**
Okay so we start off when a man freakin out about traveling via plane. He's in the bathroom trying to splash cold water on his face thinking that maybe, just maybe this will end the fear or at least help him get through it. Here comes the black smoke like gnat looking cloud and it enters the man. Tess from Eureka turns out to be the flight attendent and sees the man he happens to show her black eyes. But like any good citizen who hasn't seen this show she brushes it off.

NERD MOMENT: as I will be traveling soon I knocked this one out of the way ASAP b/c I shall be on a plane for 3 freaking days here real soon and you had better believe if someone with black eyes looks at me I will FREAK OUT... nerd moment over.
During the fly the man turns to the lady next to him and ask her how long they've been up. She states 40 minutes. At that time the man heads to the back of the plane and opens the hatch causing the plane to crash. (And seriously can we just go ahead and hit on everyone of my fears: water, fire and plane crashes!!!)
Enter a hotel room with one very sexy, very tired Jensen *see pics below to understand* and yes for the record I managed to keep this scene on pause for as long as I could.

Alright *clears throat* moving on to Sam and Dean fighting...
Sam Winchester: [whilst Dean is sleeping, slams door and walks in, coffee in hand] Mornin', sunshine.
Dean Winchester: [groans] What time is it?
Sam Winchester: Oh, it's about 5:45.
Dean Winchester: In the morning?
Dean Winchester: Where does the day go?
Dean Winchester: When was the last time you got a good night of sleep?
Sam Winchester: I don't know. Awhile ago, I guess. It's not a big deal.
Dean Winchester: Yeah, it is.
Sam Winchester: Look, I appreciate your concern.
Dean Winchester: Oh, I'm not concerned about you. It's your job to keep my ass alive so I need you sharp. Seriously you're still having nightmares about Jess?
Sam Winchester: Yeah but it's not just her, it's everything. I just forgot, you know, this job, man, it gets to you.
Dean Winchester: Well, you can't let it. Can't bring it home like that.
Sam Winchester: So what? All this never keeps you up at night? Never? You're never afraid? Dean Winchester: No, not really. [Sam draws out a big knife from under Dean's pillow]
Dean Winchester: That's not fear, that's precaution.
Sam Winchester: Alright, whatever. I'm too tired to argue

That's when Dean gets a call from a previous client asking him to help. Off they head to the airport to listen to the black box. They discover something on there tells them "No Survivors" but of course we have 7 of them.
So they do what any great ghost hunters would do and get fake home land security badges. Off they head to talk with the survivors and the first one happens to be in a mental hospital. Joy! Okay so he explains that he thought he saw a man with black eyes open the hatch but that's impossible right? (Ha not for this show) So the boys discover the man who died was actually a dentist with acid reflex who was scared to death of flying. Off they head to look at the wreckage but to make the scam work they have to look like HLS (home land security)
Dean Winchester: Man. I look like on of the Blues Brothers!
Sam Winchester: No, you don't. You look more like a seventh grader at his first dance.
Dean Winchester: [looks himself up and down] I hate this thing.
When they get into the wreckage Sam jokes about how ghetto Dean's EMF reader is....
Sam Winchester: What is that?
Dean Winchester: It's an EMF meter. It reads electromagnetic frequencies.
Sam Winchester: Yeah, I know what an EMF meter is, but why does that one look like a busted up old walkman?
Dean Winchester: 'Cause that's what I made it out of.
Sam Winchester: Yeah. I can see that.
[Dean looks offended and walks away from him]
They boys discover a substance on the handle of the hatch. They get a sample right as the real HLS agents show up. Daring escape but the boys are not caught.
Enter the pilot of the first plane who is trying to get past the fear of flying and guilt of loosing so many people. Enter the swarm of black cloud like gnat things that enter the pilot. Exactly 40 minutes into his lessons he crashes the plane.
The boys discover that the substance is sulfer which is what Demons emit... (If you fellows will excuse me I have an idiot to fire LOL best line can't find the quote exactly but you get the drift)So the boys start their research and narrow it all down to a form of demon that causes natural disasters. This leads them to a connection with 40 minutes = 40 days on Noah ship (don't ask I didnt' follow the reasoning behind it) And that's when they put it together that the demon is going after the survivors. They manage to locate everyone but the flight attendant played by Tess.
Once at the airport they try to get her not to bored but she hangs up on them...
Sam Winchester: Alright. Its time for plan B. We're getting on that plane.
Dean Winchester: Now, just hold on a second.
Sam Winchester: Dean, that plane is leaving. With over a hundred passengers on board. And if we're right, that plane is going to crash.
Dean Winchester: I know!
Sam Winchester: Ok! So we're getting on that plane, we need to find that demon and exorcise it. Look, I'll get the tickets, you just go get whatever you can out of the trunk, whatever will make it through security. Meet me back here in five minutes. [pause]
Sam Winchester: Are you ok?
Dean Winchester: No. Not really.
Sam Winchester: What? What's wrong?
Dean Winchester: Well, I kind of have a problem with, uh...
Sam Winchester: Flying?
Dean Winchester: It’s never really been an issue till now!
Sam Winchester: You're joking, right?
Dean Winchester: Do I look like I'm joking? Why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam?
Sam Winchester: Alright. Uh. I'll go.
Sam Winchester: I'll do this one on my own.
Dean Winchester: Are you nuts? You said it yourself, the plane's gonna crash.
Sam Winchester: Look, Dean, we can do it together or I can do this one by myself. I'm not seeing a third option here!
Dean Winchester: [completely distressed] Come on. Really? Man.
OMG the best conversation between the two of them seriously very good... Anyway they finally get on the plane and Dean starts to freak...
Sam Winchester: Are you humming Metallica?
Dean Winchester: It calms me down.
The plane starts to shake and Dean reacts...
Dean Winchester: Come on, that can't be normal!
Sam Winchester: Hey, hey, it's just a little turbulence.
Dean Winchester: Sam, this plane is going to crash, OK? So quit treating me like I'm friggin' four! Sam Winchester: [calmly] You need to calm down.
Dean Winchester: Well, I'm sorry I can't!
Sam Winchester: [More calmly] Yes, you can.
Dean Winchester: Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help-yoga crap. It's not helping!
Dean decides to check the flight attendant to see if she is the one possessed (gives him something to do)
Sam Winchester: What if she's already possessed?
Dean Winchester: There's ways to test that. I brought holy water.
Sam Winchester: No. I think we can go more subtle. If she's possessed, she'll flinch at the name of god. Dean Winchester: Oh. Nice.
[gets up and starts to walk away]
Sam Winchester: Say it in Latin.
Dean Winchester: I know.
[starts to walk away again]
Sam Winchester: Uh, in Latin, its 'christo.'
Dean Winchester: Dude, I know, I'm not an idiot!
Needless to say it isn't the flight attendant
Dean Winchester: Alright, well, she's got to be the most well-adjusted person on the planet.
Sam Winchester: You said Cristo?
Dean Winchester: There's no demon in her. There's no demon getting in her.
Finally they determine the possessed person is the co-polit and they convince the flight attendant to help them him back here. They start to exercise (is that right) the plane starts to crash, Dean is freaking out, Sam continues and finally the plane rights itself. The plane lands safetly and of course they all walk out of Gate 13. Anyway they ask the man who called them in how he got Dean's number and he explains that its on their dad's voicemail.
So the boys pull off and listen to the message...
John Winchester: [voicemail] This is John Winchester. I can't be reached. If this is an emergency, call my son, Dean. 785-555-0179. He can help.
Story - A
Scary - A
Lesson Learned: When you see someone with black eyes run fast and far b/c it isn't a good thing.

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