Sunday, December 30, 2012

S1E2 recap and screen shots to boot!

S1E2: Chuck vs helicopter

This was only the second episode, but I think it summed up the whole point of the show and the point of the first one pretty well. It let us know what's happening with Chuck and how come his life is now in constant danger. This is the one where Sarah and Casey and Chuck have to learn to trust each other no matter what and that sadly they are on the same team.
This one actually had some funny lines in it and some zingers. It also showed us Chuck's life at the Buy More and really what it was like before he became the intersept. Plus what it looks like now that he is the single most important "secret" the government has.
I liked this one because it shows an average everyday guy trying to cope with now being one of the most important asset. I do find myself feeling bad for Chuck. His life isn't great but it wasn't horrible. Now he has to try to adjust, respect the fact the girl he likes can never like him, and keep secrets secret whilst staying alive.
I do love how the relationship is already forming between Casey and Sarah as well as how that relationship forms between them and Chuck.

Some screen caps from this ep I didn't go so crazy this time around ;) enjoy!:

As always I put quotes and caps up on the twitter feed for this re-watch

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