Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 retrospective

Wow I seriously can't believe it is the end of yet another year. I am shocked and slightly appalled at how little I actually did. I mean do you ever just sit back and wonder what the heck did I do with my life.

Well I was in that situation and I wanted answers so I went through cameras, phone pics, emails, internet searches and tickets to figure just what I did in 2012... and it turns out I did a lot. I mean by shear evidence I seriously kicked major butt in 2012. I know shocking isn't it... let's recap

1. I bought a one of a kind photo from a fellow student

2. I went to Vancouver Canada to go to my first full weekend of Stargate.

3. I also smoked my first Cuban Cigar LOL

4. Drank some of Canada's famous beers in Yaletown

5. While in Canada I stayed for almost 2 weeks and toured the area determined I could never afford to live there and came home.

6. The day I got home I went to an all day avengers marathon that at midnight showed the avengers movie.

7. Went to a waterpark for a Bachelorette party

8. I went to a Batman movie Marathon and at midnight saw the Dark Knight Rises

9. Watched dear friends getting married

10. I went to Chicago (drove from KC all the way up)

11. Had a day of reflection with God

12. Went to yet another Stargate Convention met fantastic people

13. Came home to find out I was going to India to do an internship

14. Took 15 hours of classes to make sure I could go to India

15. Quit my job in retail before the holidays (first time I have not had to work the holidays since I was 15)

16. Went to a LOTR marathon literally lasted ALL day

17. Got all B's this semester

18. Had a fantastic Christmas

19. Got my tickets for India!

20. Going to the Black Party (a BIG party here in KC) for NYE with some good friends.

Its going to be hard to top a year like that but I think I just might be able to in 2013 after all I'm going back to Chicago to a SGA/SG-1 convention ;)

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