Thursday, December 27, 2012

S1E1 thoughts and screencaps!!!

Time for my chuck updates...

Sadly I have not watched ALL the seasons of this fantastic show I have managed to get to season 2 and I am hoping before I head overseas to watch all 5 seasons. So far I have managed 2 episodes LOL so I'm on a good path.

S1E1 - Chuck vs. The Intersect
Not one of my favorites but for sure a must watch otherwise you'll be all like WHAT THE WHAT? It explains the intersect and what it does, why it is so important and how it came to be Chuck. It also sets up the main characters nicely...


Sarah the CIA agent:

Casey the NSA agent:

Ellie the sister and her boyfriend Capt. Awesome:

Morgan the best friend:
And of course Bryce the ex best friend who got Chuck kicked out of Stanford and sent him this whole pile of crap:
PS he's not an accountant. Anyway that sets us up for the next grouping of shows. Although there is a recap in case you bypass this ep.
Short version: Bryce sent Chuck the Intersect which holds all the CIA and NSA secrets since 911. They are in Chuck's head due to an email he opened. Casey (aka JAYNE FREAKING COBB) is from the NSA and Sarah is from CIA both want those images and neither knows until the end that they are actually, physically in Chuck's head... now they have to decide what to do about it.

Oh and I have a crap ton of screen shots from this ep b/c it was the first time I've ever done them and I got a little crop happy LOL...

If you want more captions and quotes you have to go to the twitter page I posted most of them there and maybe I will sprinkle in a few more later on in the mix. I hope you guys enjoyed this show b/c honestly it gets better with each episode. I will post my review of S1E2 later this week including those lovely screen shots I managed to capture whilst playing ;)

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