Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Well I didn't see that coming.... revenge

I think my friend Natty said it best. This show started off with one clear target every show. We knew who the bad guy or girl was that we needed to watch go down. We also knew why and the line was clear. Now we are way pass that as the story is so entangled there is no clear winner or loser. There is no clear good guy or bad guy and hell I'm at the point I don't have a clue who to root for.

S1E12: Infamy
This one had a clear target the writer. After a while though I found myself sad for him he had been bought like everyone else in this freaking scandal. Then I see the tape he made of little Amanda and how she had proof and she trusted him to do the right thing only to watch as he didn't. Nolan is a major part of this revenge story b/c he's the one that gets the author away while Emily plays and play she does as it involves Fire. This happens at the right moment that stripper Amanda convinces Jack to skip town giving her a nice alibi and also sets her up to fall later. Victoria and Conrad do the nasty divorce thing and really nothing new there other than V sends off stripper A's DNA to see if she really is the daughter of David Clarke. Turns out the lawyer says she is... OH and then get this crap (and please don't read until you get to this point) Charlotte turns out to be Emily's half sister!!! WTH I didn't see that one coming and seriously Victoria its call birth control someone in your position should know about it.

S1E13: Commitment
So Daniel takes the opportunity presented to get his trust by marriage to Emily. So the only sad thing is the whole Charlotte scene when her father finds out he's not her dad so he is SUPER mean to her. Nolan is mad at Emily and ask how much she is willing to do to get revenge. Oh by and by C doesn't know about baby daddy drama. Apparently it is true that he lawyer was actually working for Emily and knew that she is the real Amanda. Is it me or do a lot of people now know the suppose truth about who the real Amanda is... doesn't seem very smart. OH and then this shit happens Jack got the crap beat out of him by a random person whom I have no idea is. Supposedly it was Victoria who hired the hit man to get the tapes. V thinks stripper Amanda is the real Amanda and is the one that not only sent the tape to Conrad letting him know about C but she also believes Amanda is the one that set the house on fire. Emily tells Amanda the WHOLE truth about the set up and tells her she has to leave in order to keep Jack safe (basically leave or he will get his ass handed to him again) Daniel proposes she says yes when he tells his father he learns his mother has a secret. V tells D that she was raped by David Clarke. Of course E is going to call off the engagement until she hears that news and well shit just got real in the Hampton's yo!

S1E14: Perception
So the party is set for the engagement party. Jack is healing and looks damn good without a shirt on... just throwing that in for those of us who needed a lighter mood. Where I was originally going with that train of thought is Jacks starts to freak out about not being able to find Amanda and when the stupid yet pretty (stupid b/c I'm petty I couldn't afford such pretty engagement boxes with crystals and what not fire and ice crappy engagement invitations) invite shows up he throws it away and yet finds a tape. A tape Emily doesn't want him to see. Oh and papa Greyson shows up which is a great thing for V. She knows how much he hates a scandal. Needless to say Nolan doesn't hold up his agreement and does in fact let Jack watch the tape. Jack interrupts the scandal free party to confront V. In the meantime Conrad let's it slip that C isn't his child and Daniel tries to defend his mother only to find out that it was all lies. C runs away with Declan who lets her get drunk. Jack leaves and papa greystone tells Conrad he is going to step down and Daniel will become the new CEO of the company. All that and a bag of chips happened and then Emily comes home to find out that her pretty little box of revenge is missing....

S1E15: Chaos
HOLY Crap folks this shit got heavy for realz yo! Turns out cray cray Tyler is the one that stole the box. Man he's a shrimp and a thief and a liar and a well you get the point. We are at the lovely engagement party we saw in the pilot. As if Tyler stealing the box wasn't enough he also kidnaps Amanda (the stripper not the real one it case you are starting to loose track of the damn scorecard since so many damn people are involved and know who the real Amanda is) Amanda somehow is freed the box is returned to Emily via Japan master teacher guy at the engagement party and honestly it looks as if Nolan had something to do with that. Jack follows Amanda to the beach and sees her standing over a dead body I seriously can't believe Daniel is dead and by TYLER no less crazy ass fool. D and C go skinny dipping in the ocean which gets interrupted when they see a dead body and Jack hiding in the bushes. As everyone comes running to the beach and turns over the body its cray cray Tyler WTH Moses I didn't see that one coming at all. Daniel walks up and has blood on him. He starts to say something and his mother V tells him to not say a word. OH SNAP does he know about Amanda/Emily? Oh and if that isn't enough the Japan master teacher picks up stripper Amanda and Moses only knows what's going to happen with her although I hope her story line is over cause that shit was just getting old.

Whew peps we only have 7 more eps before this season is over man I don't know how I am going to be able to contain myself....

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