Thursday, November 1, 2012

Supernatural Trivia

So next year not only do I plan to go to the SGA/SG-1 con in Chicago I also plan to head back and go to the Supernatural Con (which I have never been too but, though eh I should do it while I can). But, in order to go and since I've been reviewing the seasons over on another site (you can see the reviews here) I though OMG I need to brush up on my trivia right? (Said every nerd who love SPN) So what does any nerd girl do that wants to brush up on her trivia and learn more about the show?

She buys the companion guides! And so I went forth and bought season 1 (actually I bought all the seasons minus 2 b/c for some reason I couldn't find it for under 40 bucks and I just can't justify spending that much on a companion guide.) Any who so I thought well as I read I must share my trivia knowledge with you and then I will start posting my reviews here as well as the other site. So for the season 1 I read the companion guide front to back (psych that's not true I am still reading it I had hoped to have it read by the time this posted but, alas RL (AKA Real Life) got in the way and I couldn't but as I read I shall let you know what I learned) and to be honest I've learned some really cool things and some duh things I already know but still will share with you.

First off did you know:
SPN (Supernatural) was going to start off as a show about a reporter who investigated urban legends.
Then about 2 guys on a road trip and finally it turned into 2 brothers. At first the brothers weren't going to be raised with their dad in fact they were suppose to be raised with an aunt and their dad was always a demon hunter. Dean was going to try to make Sam believe that monsters were real after they were grown up. But, that plot back story would be too complicated so they decided that the boys were raised with their father on the road.

SO now the story centers around brothers whose mother dies a horrible death and they are searching for their father (the pilot that we have all grown to know and love). Jensen was the first actor they cast and really liked then Jared got an audition b/c the wife liked him in Gilmore Girls (another one of my all time favorite shows!) for the few that don't know this Jensen is Dean the older brother and Jared is Sam the younger brother. Originally Jensen was suppose to play Sam. Also the boys who had never met before clicked together right away almost in a brother fashion making the show even more believable. Also Lawrence Kansas (30 minutes from my home) was picked due to its proximity to Stull Cemetery, which is sort of a famous haunted cemetery where there's some really cool urban legends according to Eric Kripke. (I for one have no idea the only time I do scary is this show)

Apparently Kripke insisted on the music that is on the show stay that way or he would leave. Oh and here's something interesting apparently Jessica was suppose to have a bigger role but they decided that they didn't like the whole "I love you when are you coming home" so they then thought about making her a demon but then ended up with the scene of her dying the same exact way the brother's mother died. I like the version they ended up with a lot better.

oh here is something interesting apparently according to Kripke they know what the last batch of episodes is going to be and what the endgame looks like... I wonder if that is still true through this season 8 now that Kripke is off the show or if the endgame has change? I can't wait to find out when I read the companion for season 7.

So here's Did you know moment from the book:
In one of the many versions of the pilot script, Sam suspected Dean of being as serial killer, and of murdering their father!
In one version of the pilot script that Eric Kripke turned into the studio, the episode ended with eh boys finding their dad dead on the ceiling...
Wow I'm not sure what I think of those. I am glad what they did and how the pilot turned out.

What do you think? Do you think the pilot should have ended differently?

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