Friday, November 2, 2012

Fan Fic

Do you guys love them or hate them?

I've always been on the fence some fanfic is great while others not so much. Recently however, I decided to give it a try again since I enjoy the fan vids so much. A friend on twitter @taris_eirien has been making suggestions everyday based on a letter from the alphabet.

So far here are her suggestions:
A: Adventures in Babysitting by Roo1965 (I was surprised how cute this one was and how much I totally enjoyed it!)
B: Black Water by  Kristen999
Another B for you: Blindsighted by sgafan (This one is really cute! I was worried for a sec but then McKay saves the day by... well you will have to read it to find out ;o) but, I HIGHLY suggest you do!)
C: Candle in the Dark by Sholio
D: Dark Water by Eildon Rhymer
E: Endless Night by obsessed1
F: Fairest of them all by T'Pring
G: Game Night by Stealth Dragon (sequal to Heartbeat)
H: Heartbeat by Stealth Dragon
H: Harvester by Listy
I: Idle Wild by Stealth Dragon (an apparent favorite author of Tammy's LOL)
J: Just a Little Stomach Bug by titan5

Please keep in mind I have only read one of these I plan to read the others as I go maybe review them or do a mini review on 4 at a time or something. Otherwise go forth and enjoy these are all SGA fanfic suggested by @taris_eirien so I am sure she would be more than happy to suggest others to you. As she adds to her list I will also post them here!

Also if you have a favorite fanfic or fanvid I should know about either with SGA or SG-1 or hell even Hawaii 5-0 I am more than happy to check them out ;0)

Another good site authored by sgafan you can see some great SGA fic here

Speaking of which here is a Hawaii 5-0 one from  called Blood Calls to Blood enjoy!

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