Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Because I'm a Nerd

I do nerdy things some of which many people would make fun of. And well some things I do I even make fun of. Over Thanksgiving break I did a few good things like homework, cleaned my room, and even helped get the Christmas tree up. Then I also organized my DVD collection, book collection and video game collection...

Yes you did read that right and in the process made a list *Coughspreadsheetcough* of the DVD's I need to complete my TV collections or that I want for Christmas. I also made a list of the Bluerays I want to buy even though I own them on regular (yes I'm well aware how that makes me sound). I then went through and figured out which shows I want to keep and which ones I don't. Then I cleaned them out.

DId the same thing with my books and video games. I also organized my computer with my pictures (making sure everyone has a proper home in a folder with a proper name) I then went through Ebooks. Now while I was doing this I realize how border line OCD it makes me sound and look
I also realize that I didn't need to share it here with you guys. Except that I can't be the only one who does things like this can I? Are there any of you out there that clean up and organize your games, comics, books, DVD's or ebooks this way? OR am I seriously the only weird person out there with this habit...

Either way I feel better doing it I now have  clear cut Christmas list to give to friends and family members and I can find the things I want easier.

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