Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review ~ Runaways pt. 1

So I just started a new graphic novel series (new to me not new out) called Runaways. Basically its a group of teenagers that discover their parents are super villains and part of an organization called The Pride. They have just discovered that some of them have powers, a dinosaur, and may not be from this planet. Now it's the runaways verses the parents and I am dying to know who is going to win this battle

Rough outline for you:

Alex Wilder: Mastermind from what I can determine kind of reminds me of Professor X without the cool powers. We will have to see how he develops. He doesn't take a new name b/c he wants to redeem the name his parents have corrupted.

Gertrude Yorkes: who has the coolest pet ever a raptor whom she calls Old Lace and then changes her name to Arsenic. From what I can tell she doesn't have any cool powers either other than the ability to communicate with her pet.

Karolina Dean: She is a freaking alien and looks like a rainbow, but apparently that comes with powers that her mother also possesses. She changes her name to Lucy in the Sky no idea why but she likes it so whatever. Her parents besides being aliens also appear to be hippies

Chase Stein: Who starts off as an abused kid apparently has parents who remind me of Dr. Horrible on cooler crap they invent like xray goggles and gloves that shoot fire out of them! Chase wants to be called Neo from the Matrix and everyone is against it, but we will have to wait until the next book to let us know if he is able to keep it. Since Arsenic wants  his name to be talkback

Molly Hayes: who happens to be the youngest and her parents are Jane Grey and well a male version of that. She ends up possessing those gifts plus a lot of strength that I didn't see coming until she used it on a person. Oh and they call her Bruiser but she wanted to be Princess Powerful LOL keep in mind she's 12

Nico Minoru: is the last of the group and apparently a witch that had a staff buried in her by her mother in one of the fight scenes that came out when she needed it the most during another fight scene so that was pretty bad assery. Oh Nico which I happen to like that name better then the one she chooses goes by Sister Grimm... seriously?!?

So basically now we have the kids grouped up in a cave hiding from their bady parents but one is a trader and I am dying to know who it is. As if that wasn't enough apparently the whole city is owned by the Pride so they have put out wanted posters on their own children and claimed they kidnapped Molly.

Whew that was the first one I can't wait to get the second may have to suck it up and purchase this weekend.... instead of waiting on the library. The thing that has me nervous about this series is the low ratings it gets as the series continues... maybe I should stick to the library versions.

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