Friday, November 30, 2012

CHUCK re-watch is a happening now as we speak

Some of you have no idea about this, but as finals get closer every year I do a re-watch or a suck me into a show so I have an excuse as to why I didn't study enough. This year I pick Chuck to do that. Why? B/c I started watching last finals and only got so far before the adult in me panicked and made me turn it off.

This year I vow to watch it all the way through come hell or high water or Christmas I am going to see the end of Chuck! So if you would like to see where I am or just the random quotes you can check me out on twitter (yes I picked a brand new spanky twitter account just for this so I don't you know annoy those I love on my real twitter account. Your welcome) and I of course will be linking everything on the side bar with the label chuch re-watch.

So sit back and enjoy or if not ignore all the post leading up to this!

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