Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Guild Comics #1 review

So I was feeling blue one day and decided I needed a pick me up so off to Dark Horse Comics I went when I was there I was in awe... OMG there were so many things I wanted needed and 30 bucks later I realized it was a TRAP...

Okay not really but I decided since I heart the Guild series so much with Felicia Day that I had to check out the comics and I am totally glad I did.

The Guild #1 starts off with Cyd and helps us to understand how she got into gaming...while I was reading this I couldn't help but image that it was Felicia Day talking to the web cam just like on the show. We learned that Cyd was a violinist who was in one of the last chairs, dated a guy named Trevor, and read a book or comic series named Codex (which I will totally google later cause that's how I roll). Turns out that Trevor is a total douche (my words no one else has said that, that I am aware of and well hell I don't care he's a douche) who expects Cyd to take tickets, hang posters, write his music and then takes credit for it. Cyd's therapist wants her to get out and talk to real people but then prescribes her a pill to take.

During the therapy session Cyd says, "I could go on vacation. But I'm poor, and paranoid about swimsuits." OMG I seriously spewed my water everywhere cause sadly that's me in a nutshell.

Which she refuses due to the side effects that might or might not happen... Instead she heads into a DVD rental or game store to hang a poster and ends up leaving with a MMORPG game which looks like it's called Escape into fantasy but, I might be reading too much into it.

That night Trevor's gig happens no one likes it Trevor blames Cyd (see total jerk) and Cyd goes home to throw away the celebration cupcakes and plays das game! And she ask a question that I can relate too... "When you're a kid you're allowed to play around being different people. Find yourself. But when do you get to reinvent yourself as an adult?"

So we get to Cyd pick her famous character Codex which is based on that book/comic series that she was reading at the beginning that I will (scouts honor) look up on google at some point for us all. She goes out to lunch the next day with Trever the jerk and from now on will be called JERK so be forewarned. She tries to tell JERK about the game but he doesn't care cause it's not about him. He claims Codex is MAJORLY jealous or what not stupid crap.  So Cyd does a Cyd move and goes home to call and leave messages on why JERK was wrong. But, then she finally steps into the game to play.

NERD MOMENT: this totally reminds me of the first time that I logged in and played Dragon Age. OMG I seriously didn't have a clue what I was doing and man did I have fun. Major difference was the whole hooking up with people online cause I played RPG and didn't go out on adventures with strangers I stuck with you know learning the game by myself... okay nerd moment over

While in the game she runs into 2 players who explain that killing animals is a quest one is very important Bladezz b/c you know he's in the series the other one isn't so I choose to ignore him. So Bladezz invites Codex to go with them on an adventure to kill everything (but the children thank goodness LOL gawd I love Cyd). Codex learns that with all the killing comes rewards like cool shoes LOL "and for killing stuff you get rewards, like clothing! Whose idea was that?! Genius!" LOL
So they work their way up until classes change and then they abandon Codex who decides to try to slay the dragon on her own. And well she dies repeatedly until she gets help from... wait for it another major player... Vork! OMG I heart Vork. After the battle Cyd here's a knock its JERK and just wants Cyd to talk about the ideas.

Vork gets mad b/c Codex just ignores him and Cyd and JERK go forth to do something that I have no idea is b/c it's time for vol. 2. Rest easy b/c yes I did buy vol. 2 and will review for you.

On a side note the pictures are pretty (yes I described them as pretty). They match the characters that I am use to seeing on The Guild online and it is written in their voices and tones so that was a plus. And I love seeing how The Guild is formed cause when we started the web series they were already a team so this was cool getting to know Cyd before The Guild.

Any who have you read the comics? Do you like them? Any suggestions for series like this?

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