Monday, October 15, 2012

The Guild #2 Review

Alright we left off with Cyd being used by JERK for new ideas and Vork being pissed that Codex didn't thank him properly. We start off learning that JERK has made out with EVERYONE in the whole freaking symphony and made out with Cyd to pick her brain for a new direction with his band. Which after sex led Cyd to write out the new music and suggest they go with a new band name. And yet takes credit for the ideas and won't let Cyd play in the band. Cyd is very upset but, instead of going and telling JERK she instead goes to the game.

There she meets Clara LOL I love that woman who happens in this scene to be pregos for the 3rd time in 3 years. Clara tells Codex that you should trade in the stuff she was picking for rewards like new handbags. Anyway they head up a mountain to pick something and run into Zaboo who is defending the clover and thinks its a 13% probability of Codex and Clara being real girls. When he discovers that they are he calls a truce. But, Zaboo gets called away and tells Codex to add him to the friends list so they can play together.

Then we cut to Cyd at the therapist office and needless to say the therapist isn't happy with Cyd making online friends (which as a therapist in training I'm actually not agreeing with this so it sort of kind of pissed me off. Until I realized that I have a lot of online friends and well the therapist can stuff it moving on)

NERD MOMENT: I love that in this comic series that Cyd is walking around and running into the very people she is gaming with online without even knowing it. Like last issue Tink (whom we haven't met yet) was in the video/game store and Bladezz is in this one spray painting a sign. Anywho I just thought that was a cool side note.

So Cyd goes to talk to JERK and finds out that Goonther the guy who yelled at her in the last issue for putting up a sign for JERK's band and wouldn't take her to catch a plane is now in JERK's band. B/c they needed another classical player (even though Cyd is a violinist). Cyd is hurt and JERK excuses it in a smooth talking way. He promises to come over but, doesn't so Cyd goes into the game.

NERD MOMENT: I totally nerd out when they go into game mode b/c you don't get to see it when it is live so it's cool to see the actual game they are playing. Nerd moment over.

When she logs in she runs into Zaboo who has been waiting for her. Bladezz is there and Codex learns he's in middle school (YIKES I didn't even know that I thought it was high school) anyway Vork finds her and request she goes on a quest with him since she owes him from the last battle.

NERD MOMENT: there are freaking ZOMBIES in this game that Codex and cure OMG I want this game I seriously do! Nerd moment over.

So they go and fight and free the princess and yay and then get rewarded with the funniest line EVER the princess crowns Codex and says "live long and prosper" Zaboo looks at her and says "WRONG everything dude" OMG so freaking funny and if you have heard Zaboo's voice it's even funnier imaging him saying it.

So after the funny line they head to the tavern and grab a beer or whatever they drink in that world. And they see a guild partying it up with none other than Tink sitting at a table pissy. Before I can make heads or tails of it Clara walks up and starts talking to the table. Off they go on a quest and the next thing we see is Cyd waking up at 10:30a late for her paying gig. When they get there they are told to go through the back but Cyd refuses and marches in the front. She is feeling empowered and goes home to write the music. Eventually she ends up at JERK's place and walks in on him...


kissing Goonther OMFG!!!! Must get to #3 must get to #3!!!!!!!!!!!!

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