Friday, October 19, 2012

The Guild #3 Review

Okay we left off in the last comic with a SHOCKER that I never saw coming and yet it didn't surprise me about JERK... I won't recap but, it looks like I need to. So turns out that Cyd has dealt with this surprise before from her father who turned out to be gay... hence why he pays for therapy.

Now here's not a shocker but Cyd wants to know where their signs? Of course she goes forth and shows us signs of her dad possibly being gay like watching modern dance and liking wall paper before it was cool *blink* not sure how that's a sign but according to Cyd it was.But, did Cyd confront JERK nope she fled (like I would so I'm not sure why there was so much judgement in that one sentence but, eh there ya go). Cyd continues to beat herself up trying to figure out was this a sign, was that a sign, etc...

Favorite quote: "I'm not gay, I'm just omnivorous. That's a dinosaur thing, not a Man thing!"

They continue to fight cause all JERK cares about is his music that Cyd is writing. Cyd is so upset she shutdown the computer (WHAT?!?!?!). Again the therapist is wanting Cyd to connect to "real" people instead of online people. So Cyd goes and talks to the old lady that plays violin by her in the symphony except well she sort of dies on Cyd so thought "so much for that" So Cyd does the one thing I am going to put on the Bucket list a video game bender... and she invites all of them to come play.

Clara, Zaboo, Vork, Bladezz, and friend who doesn't last. And she plays ALL night to which she cancels on a paying gig to continue playing into the next day using the old ladies death as an excuse. When they go to accept a quest Vork tells them no b/c it will be a quest for evil and He doesn't do that! By Golly he's a knight of Good! But, do they listen NO! They want the plated boar LOL

NERD MOMENT: I have totally done that but never for a plated boar LOL I did do something in a game that I normally wouldn't for some clothes or once for a kick ass sword but, yeah not a boar but by God give me a chance and I will they look SUPER cool! Nerd moment over

In order to get the boar they have to kill kittens (SERIOUSLY ok I draw a line at somethings and killing a kitten is the line... this from the girl that has 5 cats and a dog. I'm that girl) Needless to say in order to get a boar they had to kill a woman who rescues orphans and Codex just can't. She gets off the game and collapses into a nap. So she goes to JERK and gives him the music to which JERK makes her feel "special" again and she's in love.

Damn the stupid JERK I really don't like him. Although I love the quote "Why can't I hate him? Stupid hormones!" Been there done that Cyd and I totally feel ya! So Cyd goes back home and becomes Codex and tries to catch up with Vork. Vork refuses to hang with Codex and now we FINALLY officially meet Tink who reminds Codex they can't participate unless they have a team of 6 and we find out that Tink was a member of a Guild that kicked her out for bad attitude (Really? No? I can't believe that about Tink? *insert sarcasm* in case you didn't catch it) Tink turns around and charges Codex to play in the tournament. So they gather together and Bladezz pisses off his friend which is why we no longer know of him and b/c of that they do not have enough to make a team to compete. Ooh and ooh I can't believe I left this but Clara goes into labor during this time too and Tink refuses to give a refund!

Because she couldn't get anyone to play on line she headed to the club to hear JERK'S band. Turns out that JERK didn't include her on the list so Cyd can't even get in. FREAKING JERK. And as if that wasn't bad enough JERK is talking to another girl (girl mind you not even a guy) who happens to be a cute blonde. CURSE YOU JERK!

NERD MOMENT: I feel as if Cyd is one of my dear friends and so for some reason anyone who hurts her pisses me off. Is it weird that I consider a "fictional" character a friend or not even a friend per say but, a person I can totally relate to even though I know no one like her including myself?!?! Nerd moment over

Turns out JERK also dumped his man Gunther who is heart broken and runs away crying (full circle anyone? That's why you don't cheat or be the person who helps another cheat it comes back to bite you in the ass just saying or as I like to say a little bit of Sarai advice). Apparently the record exes liked the music and of course JERK doesn't give Cyd any credit at all. So Cyd gets pissed off and lights the music on fire. YAY except this can't end well but, YAY for Cyd growing a pair. The problem is the whole FREAKING room catches on fire but, we will come back to that.

She goes home and gets back online. Codex goes with Tink, and Zaboo to recruit the members again. Bladezz is next to join then after some begging Vork is on board but, to compete they need 1 more member and LOW and BEHOLD Clara is back b/c it's a BOY and the hospital has wi/fi. So they enter the tournament and well they die but, they discover they had A LOT of fun fighting together and they form their own Guild called.... yep if you've watched the show you know what's coming... "The Knights of Good" and of course Vork starts off with rules LOL.

This leads us to Cyd getting a knock on her door with a cop and yes it has to do with the fire. She had to pay a fine, gets fired, and well finds out that JERK's new band isn't doing good. But, Cyd doesn't go into depression in fact she is happy b/c she has her online peps. And as this one ends we see her saying "besides it's not like I'll ever have to meet these people."

Aww what a satisfying end... or is it... will there be more? Gawd I hope so I love this show I love this comic and my goodness I will be bringing you my reviews of the individual characters soon! I swear. Oh Oh and I might review the show as well... hummm maybe I should do that as well.

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