Monday, January 9, 2012

Time on Winter Break

HOLY crap I love, love, love and heart the Xbox with kinect that I got for Christmas... MAN is it fun... tonight I played Kincect Adventures, Dragon Age and I even managed to get lost and killed by rats in Oblivion which please don't ask b/c I SUCK major balls at that game...

I am hoping that I will kick major balls by next month but it is highly doubtful since I still can't figure out how to keep my DAMN torch from burning out STUPID torch WTH why can't you last long enough for me to get out of the FRACKIN' dungon... stupid game and the absolute sucker punch is having to use both stick controls with BOTH hands in order to see what you STUPID character sees... but am I giving up NO! I refuse so I will be trying again at a later date.

On the Dragon Age front I am kicking MAJOR Balls so I'm happy there! All b/c my bestie Em sent me like 20 pages of information that she has learned I'm trying so frackin hard not to use it or look at it but sometimes for the love of all things happy I must!!!!

Let's see I started reading again which has been nice since school is going to start soon I thought I should get enjoyment out of what I read before I am forced to read stuff that while interesting doesn't have blood, gore, space, or love in it. Well that is all that is new with me for now I shall update later I hope!


  1. LOL Sara. I love Oblivion!! I played it for months when it came and have been addicted to the sequel Skyrim since it's release in November. Don't worry, you'll get better and will be kicking rat butt in not time. :)

  2. Theresa,
    Thanks for the encouragement I will get pass this level I know it but man is it ever hard LOL took me FOREVER to figure out there was a hole in the wall and that's how I was suppose to get out Lordy Lord... here's to hoping I someday get to see outside the dungeon walls!