Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Movie

 Yeah it's Movie Monday again and since I haven't done it in a while I need to cram 2 movies in one so next week I can discuss SCREAM 4 baby!

First up is Fireproof:

I watched this movie after reading the book when I noticed my mother had the DVD there. I have to admit the acting wasn't the best but the movie had an excellent point. Yes it is a Christian movie but it had an element to it I wasn't expecting. That element was forgiveness. The fireproof movie is about a couple getting ready to file for Divorce she thinks that he doesn't listen and he thinks she doesn't respect him. When he tells his parents his dad gives him the love dare. Over the course of 40 days he does all the dares to show her and himself the change.
The ending is truly beautiful and magical but I won't rob you of it. Honestly its the journey that Caleb has to make that is hard to sallow and yet is the most wonderful part. All in all I enjoyed it I will admit I skipped the parts that dealt with Caleb's job as a fire-fighter mainly b/c it doesn't do anything for me. I would suggest this and the Love Dare to any couple.

Final Rating: B

Next up we have a lovely cartoon called Tangled! It is the tell of Rapunzel and well I'm sure you have all heard of it. What you didn't know is that Rapunzel had a man named Flynn Rider who is a thief that just happens to come across Rapunzel's tower only to be knocked out with a frying pan. I must admit this story took me by surprise on how much I enjoyed it. The bad witch to me wasn't all that bad and while I knew what she wanted I still felt like she like Rapunzel and wasn't trying to hurt her other than to keep her. It's weird and complicated suffice to say I enjoyed it.

I honestly laughed, cried, laughed and well cried. It is a super sweet, cute, and fun family movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone with kids or if you're like me you will enjoy the wit and plot. Best parts were the the horse and surprisingly the songs which I don't normally like but this time I did.

Final Rating: A

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